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 For the first time in history, companies are able to integrate all of their Asset Management soltuions together and with SAP

Using RhineRiver Solutions mean you are using the best out there


Finally, achieve the massive benefit from true digitalization of your Asset Management environment.

Cutting Edge

Gain an advantage over competitors by greatly reducing cost and increasing RoI of all your solutions.

Best-in-breed Solutions

Talk to us about our partnerships with the best-in-breed solution providers on the market.


Transform your Maintenance, Production, Finance, HR, and X departments.

RhineRiver Simplifies Your Process

Most experts in the Asset Management space have spent years trying to figure out digitalization and the steps to get there, to no avail. Endless purchasing, scrapping, and replacing solutions to try to help them on their journey to digitalization, but still not achieving what they set out in their digitalization roadmap.

RhineRiver steps up to end this struggle and help companies finally achieve real digitalization and intergration of their Asset Management environment.

RhineRiver makes asset management easy

When you use RhineRiver’s software, data & information can openly flow back and forth between all 3rd party software systems, solutions and SAP.

Gain Access To All Your Assets In One Place

The world’s first and only OneRiver Open-Architecture Platform allows companies the opportunity to select the best solutions on the market with the highest functionality and be part of this open ecosystem while retaining the full scale of integration.

Every solution can be integrated in real-time to our platform, allowing an open and secure flow of data back and forth between all current and future solutions, the OneRiver Open-Architecture platform and SAP (PM, PP, WM…)


Pick and choose any solution on the market and gain full unhindered functionality.

Easy Integration

Full real-time secure integration of all current, our best-in-breed, and any future solutions.


Add and remove solutions as you please, without loss of integration and functionality.


Synergize solutions and allow the benefits of each solution to flow between each other and connected departments/business units.

Easy Sharing

Departments can now automate the sharing of data to greatly improve the business as a whole.

Intuitive Frontend

Utilize all of your solutions within one platform with an advanced user-friendly user interface.

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Integrate Your Apps all in one place

The biggest problem with the current market is that companies do not have the freedom to choose the best solutions on the market. Most vendors refuse to integrate their solutions directly with other vendors, forcing companies to purchase several pain-point solutions from a single vendor. RhineRiver solves this problem by allowing you to integrate the best solutions all in one place

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Digital Forms

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Permitting, Safety Risk Assessment

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Contractor Management

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Mobile Maintenance

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Master Data Governance

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