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RhineRiver is the future of SAP Asset Management Software

RhineRiver helps streamline your maintenance operation and make your company more efficient. Our world-class consulting coupled with our open architecture software products lets you choose and implement the best solution to suit your business.

We are different from your typical SAP maintenance software experts

Personalized Solutions

At RhineRiver, we do not believe in a 'one-size-fits-all' approach. We believe in providing personalized best in class solutions for all our customers to deliver up-front benefits and a practical digitalization roadmap for continued improvement.

Open Cloud Technology

Using RhineRiver means no vendor lock-in. Our cloud-based open architecture platform allows you to pick the best solution for your business. Our team can help plug any gaps by delivering tailored software solutions to fit your business needs.

Industry Leading Experts

With a combined experience of over 150 years, our expert in-house and partner consultants know the industry like the back of their hand. They are ready to lead you to success!

About Us

Redefining Asset Management Software

RhineRiver specializes in services and solutions completely dedicated to the SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) space allowing us to offer personalized digital solutions using the latest technologies to fulfill all your software needs.

Our team’s combined experience in this industry means we deliver the best software and services on the market, perfect for you and your business.

We are committed to helping your company reach its goals by combining software solutions for SAP EAM/CMMS and applying our specialized knowledge to ramp up your digitalization efforts.

Our Solutions

We Understand Your Needs

RhineRiver is constantly working to develop the best solutions for all your needs. We are in the process of designing and developing some exciting new features. Stay tuned for updates, and contact us to learn more about how this software can work for you!

Cornerstone Platform

Unlike anything on the market - stay tuned for more updates!

Benefits of using RhineRiver

Why Business Choose Us

RhineRiver’s services grants you access to revolutionary software and SAP Enterprise Asset Management experts. The combination of best-in-class software, open integration architecture, and world-class consulting helps businesses make better decisions, delivering tangible results for your business.

No vendor lock-in

Using our open integration architecture means no more vendor lock-in. Gain the freedom to keep the solutions that work for you and select the best new software on the market that meets all your business requirements.

Interdepartmental integration

Your business will achieve operational excellence through cloud-based real-time solutions, providing visibility and sharing of critical information across multiple departments

Improved asset management

Our best-in-class software and open integration architecture will improve your assets' lifespans and reduce repair costs, inventory management through reduced stockouts and a reduction in spares inventory; reduce risk and improve your company's overall safety.

World-Class Industry Experts

Gain access to real world-class industry experts with extensive knowledge in their fields, offering unrivaled consulting services to drive your digitalization efforts.

How we can support your success

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Best-in-class Solutions

The RhineRiver and our partner software allows us to offer the best-in-class software on the market today. Our experts will architect and help you implement a world-class solution

Innovative River Integration System

Open River integration layer allows us to easily incorporate third-party solutions


Our expert consultants will create personalized solutions for your business

Our Partners

We partner with the best to provide you with the best

Our portfolio has been designed to meet the needs of demanding maintenance organizations. We’ve worked closely with many of the largest and most sophisticated maintenance organizations utilizing SAP to create well-rounded, robust solutions & services for your business.

We’re always looking for the best solutions on the market.  Contact us to find out how we can work together.

Game changing open architecture solution that can evaluate data from any solution or solutions before determining what work needs to happen and when. Changing the way Schedulers work, by making them exception handlers and not drag and drop artists.
As the industry leader in enterprise software, SAP helps organizations manage their business operations and customer relations.
Rizing helps organizations achieve a truly intelligent enterprise by providing expertise in Human Capital Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Consumer Industries, and Geospatial Solutions with leading SAP technologies.

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